Affiliates:  What, Who, How and Why


Anyone involved in the value chain of selling free range and/or grass fed meat can become an affiliate by successfully applying and paying the annual fee.

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We determine  affiliates to be:

  • Abattoirs: Any abattoir of any size can become an affiliate.  All abattoirs who are audited and approved for culling and distribution and/or on-sale of meat from one of our members, and who has applied as an affiliate with GFASA, can become an affiliate.
  • Deboners / Wholesalers / Retailers / Butchers: Any establishment that is authorised to sell fresh and/or frozen and/or processed meat carrying the GFASA brandmark can apply to become a GFASA an affiliate.ffmm-1braeside-logo





  • Restaurants / Catering / Hotel Groups: Any establishment that is authorised to sell cooked meat carrying the GFASA brandmark, may apply to become an affiliate.


  • Protocol Holders dealing with free range and/or grass fed and/or breed: There are already a number of protocols that are registered with Department Agriculture, Forestry & Fishery (DAFF) which deal with claims of “free range”, “grass fed”, “veld raised”, etc. GFASA will only endorse those protocols that meet our requirements and the holder of such protocols can apply to become a GFASA affiliate.
  •  Special Interest Groups / Associations: There are numerous groups that represent sectors like consumers (GRASS, Slow Food, Conservation SA, LARSA etc.) and farmers (Savory Institute, Breed Societies, etc.) whose interests and beliefs align to GFASA. Such groups may apply to become a GFASA affiliate.


Lastly and probably the most important…… 

Consumers:  GFASA pride ourselves to partner with every person who are as passionate about Grass Fed and Free Range as we are. Consumers utilizing our farmer’s quality products can apply to become a GFASA affiliate.



To become an affiliate, an application form needs to be submitted, Or forms can be obtained from us on

Affiliates will be required to pay an annual fee in advance. Once an application has been approved, a partner will be entitled to display and use the “GFASA Approved Partner” logo for 12 months from date of successful application. Each year partners will be reviewed to ensure that they continue to meet GFASA mission and objectives thereby offering assurance to consumers.


The benefits for affiliating with GFASA are numerous.                                                                  With so many misleading claims by players throughout the meat value chain, GFASA’s brandmark assures consumers of what they are buying. This allows affiliates to give assurance to their market that they have the highest standards of transparency, traceability and confidence. It also assures customers that the establishment practises the fair trade principles which is a cornerstone in GFASA.

GF Meat Stamp with Green ink..
FR Meat Stamp with Green ink

AFFILIATES  2016-2018:

 is the market leader in free range and grass fed meat in SA. They have retail stores in various locations and an online store. To contact them email  



savory-hub-sa-logoThe Savory Network is the lifeblood of the Savory Organization — a global network of entrepreneurial leaders committed to serving their regions with Holistic Management training and implementation support. Their growing network of regional Hubs and Accredited Professionals is taking Holistic Management from theory to practice, with resounding success in real communities. To contact Savory Hub South Africa email


conservation-sa  Conservation South Africa (CSA) is committed to helping society to adopt a more sustainable approach to development  – one that considers and values nature at every turn.     Over the last decade CSA has demonstrated Conservation International’s mission of delivering human well-being through conservation of healthy ecosystems and the goods and services they produce. CSA’s multi-faceted approach to conservation is building regional capacity at every level in order to increase environmental and social resilience to climate change and to set a course for development which will sustain communities and the ecosystems that support them into the future. To contact them email

What are Indigenous Veld Goats?  They are goats that have been brought along by the nomadic nations on their southward migriations, and which developed into South Africa’s own indigenous goat breed!  They are also the goats from which the current day South African Boer Goat breed was originally developed.  Some of the genetic pools effectively disappeared from South Africa in the process but were found again in Namibia at descendents of the Dorslandtrek families and brought back to South Africa.

The Indigenous Veld Goat Breeders Society of South Africa recognises 4 distinct eco types: the Nguni-, Northern Cape Speckled, Eastern Cape Xhosa Lob Ear and Kunene eco types.  Indigenous Veld Goats have a wide range of colours and patterns and range from small to large frame goats.  These goats are generally very hardy and have good resistance against pests and diseases.  They are also well adapted to veld and very fertile.  The above characteristics make it cheaper to farm with Indigenous Veld Goats as your input costs per kilogram meat produced are substantially less.

Feel free to contact our Secretary, Elbé Visser, telephonically (054 891 0058) or email them for enquiries.

ffmm-1 andy-fenner-2

                                                                              Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants:  Situated in Cape Town with their Headquaters/basecamp in Woodstock, Palmyra- a smaller store in Claremont and a third outlet in CBD area …….. they proud themselves of only stocking Grass Fed and Free range Beef.  These modern looking Butcheries are  a pleasant experience for the consumer….  To contact them email

Meat The Farmer:

 A small family run business established in 2017 whose focus is to supply the everyday consumer with farm fresh quality meat.

Their ultimate goal is to provide the personalised and convenient service of supplying fresh, quality products that are as free range as possible, grass fed, hormone free, routine antibiotic free and where the livestock are raised and slaughtered humanely.

Consumer education regarding grass fed beef is also high on their priority list.

To contact them email:

  Grass SA is an organization that provides clients access to a multi-disciplinary platform of specialists and specialist services relating to natural veld management, cultivated pastures, forage production and land reclamation. These services play an imperative role in the growth and development of the livestock and wildlife industry. Grass SA can additionally support any industry that uses grass species for any specific purpose. To contact them email