Welcome to Grass Fed Association of South Africa!

We are a farmer’s organisation established to enable farmers to produce certified free range and/or grass fed meat for consumers.

  • Our goal is to establish a brand mark, that can be trusted and recognized  by consumers, and with confidence believe what the label says.
  • At the same time we want every farmer to be able to market their product as directly to consumers as possible.

A group of like-minded people from the whole value chain – farmers to retailers – realized the importance of a label the consumer could trust.  Out of this GRASS FED ASSOCIATION OF SA was born.

Passionate about our animals and passionate about farming, we as farmers, take pride in working together to produce the best meat for consumers.

With so much “green talk” being around, we believe its important that you as the consumers know what you are buying – openly, honestly, and with transparency,  in order for you to really embrace your buying power.

gf-trade-markjpg                                                                   fr-trade-mark-jpg