2018 Alternative Meat Value Chain Forum and AGM

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Invitation to attend the first Annual Forum for Producing and Marketing in an Alternative Meat Value Chain presented by the Grass Fed Association of SA. 
Interested persons, parties or stakeholders are invited to attend the first annual forum with regards to the Alternative (non-feedlot) Meat Value Chain. This forum will endeavour to create a platform (recognition) for producers of animals, producing and marketing animals and beef that have not been subjected to intensive confinement and treatment, as well as marketers and processors of non-feedlot produced beef.
This event is foreseen to be an open, inter-active forum to be arranged, annually, by GFASA.
The first Annual Alternative Meat Value Chain Forum– Program

09h00 – 09h10            Welcome and Introduction – Caroline McCann (MC & Facilitator)
09h10 – 09h40            Creating Your Unique Story –  Niel Van Staden
09h40 – 09h45            Sponsor Promotion
09h45 – 10h15            SA Classification System & Meat Quality Traits –  Dr. Phillip Strydom
10h15 – 10h20            Sponsor Promotion
10h20 – 10h40            Tea
10h40 – 10h45            Sponsor Promotion
10h45 – 11h15            Craft Beef & Marketing Strategies –  Dr. Pieter Prinsloo
11h15 – 12h15            Forum Discussion
12h15 – 12h30            Tea
12h30 – 13h00           Summery & Debrief

Grass Fed Association of South Africa Annual General Meeting
Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of the Grass Fed Association of South Africa on the 23rd of November 2018 at 13h00 at Maselspoort, Bloemfontein.

Matters to be placed on the Grass Fed Association of South Africa  AGM Agenda
All GFASA members are requested to forward matters for discussion at the Annual General Meeting to Association Secretary Mrs. Ellen Alberts before the 10th of November 2018. This is the final date for placing agenda points and no further points will be accepted after this date. All points must be motivated in writing and be presented by the member at the AGM. The Agenda is available on Request

It would be appreciated if attendance of the GFASA AGM as well as any of the supporting events could be confirmed with Association Secretary Mrs. Ellen Albertsat Grassfed SA (Tel. 061 264 9787 or before 10 November.

Meal Arrangements
Lunch at Maselspoort have been arranged for 23 November at 14h00. The registration fee of R100 includes lunch. EFT arrangements could be made with Ellen Alberts.

Accommodation (If Needed)
Accommodation and breakfast arrangements have to be done personally.
Herewith some accommodation establishment information:
Maselspoort                               051 441 7848
Sandstone Sleeper Estate            084 397 0886
Plover Country Lodge                  083 262 0861
Glen Country Lodge                    082 350 2858

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Grass Fed Association AGM 20 -21 October 2017

The GRASSFED ASSOCIATION of South Africa will have our First Annual General Meeting at Aloe Grove just outside Queenstown, Eastern Cape Friday 20 October 2017 from 18h00 until Saturday 21 October 2017.

Any interested person is welcome to join us!  Please confirm your attendance in advance by Registering here or contact Adrian on 082 213 2120.

Accommodation available at Aloe Grove

Thanks to our sponsors!!

Directions to Aloe Grove


SOWETO EAT-IN :  7 October 2017



Presented by the University of Johannesburg and Slow Food Johannesburg

                                    Date: 07 October 2017

                                    Time: from 9:00

Venue:  University of Johannesburg, Funda UJabule School, Modjadji Street, Pimville.

R 20 Entrance Fee.

Tickets by Quicket

Parking at UJ Soweto Campus Chris Hani Road & Horse-drawn carriage to the event

The Soweto Eat-In 2017 is a public event that highlights the need for food system change in order to address food insecurity in Johannesburg. This is an event of great public significance, highlighting the need to address the scourge of food insecurity and hunger in Johannesburg and in the South African food system. Food insecurity in Johannesburg is a pervasive problem that needs imaginative solutions as well as a systemic shift at multiple levels in the food system.


The Soweto Eat-In 2017 presented by the University of Johannesburg and Slow Food focuses on School Feeding Schemes in South Africa as a theme to mobilize the public around food system change. We source all fresh produce from local farmers in and around the Johannesburg area and meat is exclusively sourced from sustainably reared and free-range animals. We prefer to purchase produce from emergent and small-scale farmers.

The Soweto Eat-In 2017 will be an interactive event styled around School Feeding Schemes, and will include the following:

  • The Skaftini Challenge – organised by Slow Food and the South African Chef’s Association with the aim to encourage the development of a healthy, sustainable and delicious template to follow for healthy school meals as part of School Feeding Schemes.
  • Farmers Market – organised by Soweto Market Place (an emerging enterprise) that sells locally produced foods and crafts.
  • The second iZindaba Zokudla Global Food Revolution Public Conference – Presented by Anthropology and Development Studies at the UJ where the general public can participate in deliberations and presentations on food system change.
  • The 10 000 gardens Funda UJabule Food Garden donated by Slow Food – where students from the University of Johannesburg are trained in agro-ecological food production techniques.

The Soweto Eat-In 2017 will shift our understanding of the food system and feeding schemes in particular, by highlighting city policies and university research, and by offering a solution to hunger by involving the general public, emergent entrepreneurs and students of the University of Johannesburg.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to innovate in our ways to combat hunger. We will demonstrate to the world that it is possible to feed our children with sustainably and ethically sourced meat and locally produced vegetables, served as delicious cuisine – reflecting the best of our African heritage.

Please contact us to clarify the details of the event.

Naudé Malan, UJ & iZindaba Zokudla

Caroline McCann, Slow Food, Slow Meat & Braeside Butchery


I look forward to seeing you there.

Naudé Malan

Anthropology and Development Studies;

Pasture Management symposium

 ALDAM STOCKMANSCHOOL  18 – 20 October 2017

The idea to start a Stockman’s school came from the need to have various sectors in the production chain speaking to one another.        Find more info on:       

Nguni Auction & Slow Meat eating Experience