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  1. Enrol within GrassFed Association SA by filling in the Initiate application form
  2. Initiate sign-up fee
  3. Knowledge of Constitution, Code of Best Practise, SOP’s and Protocol.
  4. SOP implementation & complying with Code of Best Practice (not audited)
  5. The supply of grass-fed animals to membership structures (Only if you are not in a position to be a full member)
  6. Annual fees
  7. Membership (Subject to Application, Council approval and SAMIC Inspection)
  8. Annual Membership fee
  9. Trade Contract / Agreement with Retailer / Trader / Butchery
  10. SOP and protocol compliance (SAMIC audit)
  11. Protocol responsibility & Traceability responsibility

For membership information in your area please contact the GFASA member closest to to you. Contact details available on request from

Cost structure                                                                                        


Farms: 10% at random per annum R 1 437.37

Abattoirs: All 2x per annum R 2 791.27

Deboning Plants: All 2x per annum R 2 791.27

Butcheries: All 2x per annum R 683.47

Restaurants: All 2x per annum R 683.47

Travel: R 6.70 per km


Peer Review (Farms) R 1 437.37. Travel capped at 350km per visit @ R 6.70/km

During year one both audits are compulsory. In years thereafter the internal audit might change to a Strategy Review which is annually compulsory. The SAMIC audit will then
be conducted when a member is randomly chosen. In that year the strategy review will fall away. In other words, every member will have 2 audits the first year and there-after 1 audit every year which might be an Internal (Strategy review) audit or a SAMIC audit.

R 0.20/kg  Fee that will be charged per kg of meat produced at slaughter weight. Based on a submission system, periodically

Bank Details / Bank Besonderhede                         

Grass Fed Association of South Africa

Standard Bank Account no:  202286134

Rosebank Branch code: 014305

Universal branch: 051001

Why become a GrassFed Member? 

GrassFed Membership enables the producer to market his/ her product directly because the product is certified.

Value Chain & Direct Marketing System

Understand the value chain

Moving away from the conventional way of marketing, through the GrassFed Association the value chain can be re-defined for the benefit of the producer the retailer and the consumer by more direct marketing.  It is a win-win situation.

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