A Revolution of Small Farmers

…and BIG flavours.

Why do we know more about the origin and flavour of the coffee beans in our cup of morning brew than about the steak on our dinner table?

We don’t have to. In fact we can now know more about our trusted Grassfed Beef than about the beans in our cup of morning brew. That is exactly what was demonstrated at the US Woordfees on Sunday March 3rd by Langside Meats and famed chef Bertus Basson.

Four tasty morsels of Langside Grassfed Beef were prepared by chef Bertus basson and served by the Private Hotel School at Die Khaya in Stellenbosch. Each one of the tasty servings were traceable right down to the location where the neat (a head of beef) grazed in the Eastern Cape grassland.

In March last year The Independent – a UK newspaper – wrote:

Craft beef might just be the biggest revolution the meat industry has seen since spag bog, with experts in the trade describing it as society’s “wake -up call” to the need for ethical and sustainable beef production.

Want to know more? Follow us as we hero the farmers, butchers, and chefs making this revolution possible.

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We are a farmer's organisation established to enable farmers to produce certified free range and/or grass fed meat for consumers. Our goal is to create a brandmark that when consumers see it, they know with certainty that what the label says they can believe in. At the same time we want every farmer to be able to market their product as directly to consumers as possible.

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